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Brazilian Senator Cid Gomes Shot by Right-Wing Police

Tony Chamoles


Yesterday, Brazilian senator Cid Gomes (Democratic Labour Party)—the brother of Ciro Gomes (former presidential candidate)—was shot by local police posing as demonstrators, as Gomes attempted to literally bulldoze his way through a blockade of rioters.

The senator warned the demonstrators—comprised of police and right-wing Militias—that they had five minutes to gather their people and to leave peacefully.

Seeing that they had ignored him and continued to riot, Gomes entered a nearby bulldozer and proceeded to push his way through the blockade.

One of the rioters opened fire and shot Gomes twice, stopping him.

Initially thought to be rubber ammo, it was discovered that the shooter in fact used live ammunition.

Further analysis showed that the shooter had aimed to the left side of Gomes’ chest, suggesting an intention to kill him.

The Militias are a form of Brazilian mafia, and a large amount of evidence has surfaced that current right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters sit at the head of this organization—or at the very least have a considerable amount of control over them. Most Militia units are ex-police and ex-military who have organized in an effort to take control over key areas in Brazil. The Militias work by connecting themselves with the actual police—to the point where it is often difficult to tell them apart.

In this case, police—along with Militias—had been terrorizing the local working class with threats, blockades, and intimidation. All of this, as part of a political maneuver to ensure positive election results for right-wing candidates in the coming elections, is what drove Gomes to attempt to use the bulldozer to clear the blockade.

“I came here to defend the peace and tranquility of the people of Sobral,” Gomes said. “Nobody will be blackmailed, nobody will stop working, opening their doors or walking peacefully in Sobral.”

Gomes is presently hospitalized and is in stable condition.



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